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What are the Most Popular Styles of Carpet?

Popular styles of carpets - saxony, frieze, cut and loop


When trying decide between different carpet styles for your home, it’s not always easy, especially given the fact that it’s often difficult to tell the various styles apart.

However, once you become more familiar with these styles, it will be much easier to decide which styles of carpet you like, and which would best suit the specific requirements of your home.

So, in this article, the carpet experts here at John Frederick are going to looking at 3 popular styles in greater detail, helping you decide what’s right for you.

Saxony carpet

Arguably the most popular style of carpet is Saxony, and is probably the style that springs to mind when the average person thinks about carpets.

A cut pile carpet of medium height, Saxony is neither long nor short and can range from a luxurious, velvety appearance (straight Saxony) to more a more rugged, textured appearance (trackless).

Benefits of saxony carpets

Saxony is a very versatile carpet – which is partly why it’s become so popular – and it works with a wide variety of décor.

While straight Saxonies will afford a home a more opulent look, trackless Saxonies make much less of a statement, meaning they can suit almost any home environment.

Frieze carpet

Frieze can be seen as the evolution of the shag carpet which was particularly popular in the 70s and features long fibres, much longer than those of Saxony styles, which have been twisted at the end.

They tend to be durable and rugged styles of carpet, however, this is not to say they aren’t comfortable. Frieze styles can offer a room a very cosy feel and work perfectly in a bedroom or snug.

Advantages & disadvantages of frieze carpets

As you can imagine, given the laid back appearance of these carpets, they don’t work as well in more formal environments.

Surprisingly, though, they can work great on stairs, as the long fibres easily cover up seams around railing posts.

Cut and loop carpet

A very popular style at the moment, cut and loop styles of carpet get their name due to the patterns featured on them, which are achieved by cutting some of the fibres and leaving others looped.

Pros & cons of cut and loop carpets

With a wide variety of designs and textures to choose from, cut and loop styles can also suit a variety of different rooms and looks.

However, the important thing to consider would be the type of pattern you choose.

If you opt for a particularly intricate pattern, then you may want to dial down some of the rooms features so it doesn’t look to busy. Alternatively, if you go for a simple linear pattern, you have more a license to get creative with the rest of the room.



Made using a traditional loom method with wool yarn, woven carpets are perfect if you’re looking to create an authentic and ornate look for your home.

Woven carpets strike the perfect balance between interesting looks (thanks to their unique and intricate patterns) and hardwearing properties, so you can have the best of both worlds.


If you’re looking for a more rugged style of carpet, Berber could be for you.

It’s a tufted loop style of carpet that’s created by threading yarn through the back of the fabric to create an intricate looping system. Today, Berber carpets tend to be made from either wool, nylon or a blend of the two.

As a rule, the lower the loop, the more durable the carpet will be, and Berber carpets are some of the most durable around. 

Functional carpets

If you’re looking for a carpet that performs a specific function rather than achieves a certain aesthetic, then take a look at some of the carpet styles listed below:

  • Waterproof carpets: A fairly new addition to the carpet world, indoor waterproof carpets are now very much a thing, meaning you can opt for softer flooring in any room in the home. The main benefit of waterproof carpets is that any spillages can be cleaned up quickly and easily, and your carpet won’t stain or become mouldy over the long term. Waterproof carpets are still a fairly new phenomenon, and only a few manufacturers are currently exploring this technology. Over time, though, this will become a much more widespread and accessible option.
  • Stain-resistant carpets: Similar to waterproof carpets, stain-resistant carpets have been designed to make people’s lives a little easier when it comes to dealing with frantic home life. Stain-resistant carpets are coated with a solution that repels both liquids and solids, meaning that spills can be quickly mopped up and dirt can’t become ground into the fibres. If you have young children and are in the market for a new carpet for your home, this could well be exactly what you’re looking for!

Eco-friendly carpets: These days, eco-friendly products are becoming so commonplace that it’s difficult to think of it as a special feature, but carpets have been lagging behind in this area until recently.

These days, there are eco-friendly carpets made from a variety of different materials, from recycled water bottles to woven plant fibres, so if you’re looking for a carpet on the greener side, this could be for you!

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