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Spring Cleaning for Your Living Room

With the clocks about to go forward and the weather picking up, it’s time for our cleaning gear to come out of hibernation.

And what better place to start than the living room – the best room in the house, in our opinion.

But where to start?

The living room is probably the biggest room in your home, so it’s going to take a bit of planning if you want to get it looking ship shape.

In this article, we’ll show you how.

living room with grey sofa

Start with the sofa

Ah, the sofa – we all spend more hours on this particular piece of furniture than we’d care to admit, which is a pretty good reason to start here.

Make sure that you check the fabric labels and follow the instructions if you’re planning on doing a deep clean.

If not, there are few quick steps that you can take to give your sofa a lift.

First, remove all of the cushions and start picking up all the large bits of debris; wrappers, pens, coins, lottery tickets – who knows what you’ll find? Once finished, take a dry cleaning sponge and go over the pillows, this should get rid of any dirt and oil. Finally, lift up the sofa and dust the feet.

If you think you’re not up to the task, you can always call the professionals.

Wash those windows

When the sun starts beaming through, you want to see it in all its glory.

If dirt and detritus have your windows looking a little more translucent than transparent, here’s what you need to do:

First, mix one to two teaspoons of dish detergent in a large bucket of warm water.

Then, using a sponge, run it along the entire screen, making sure to wipe off the suds horizontally.

Don’t forget to clean the blade off on a microfiber cloth after each swipe. Rinse and repeat if necessary until your windows are sparkling!

Clean those screens

It can be very distracting when your favourite Netflix program is marred by a dusty screen.

Before you sit down for your next binge, take a microfibre cloth and wipe the screen down horizontally.

Don’t ignore the back of your TV; just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it won’t collect dust!

Cleaning your carpets

Last, but certainly not least, you need to address your carpets.

Whilst hoovering is an important of carpet maintenance, for your spring clean, something a little more intense might be required.

For a deep carpet clean we recommend looking to professionals, like the team here at John Frederick, so you can breathe some life into your living room ready for summer.

Need some help with cleaning your living room for spring?

With over 85 years of experience in the industry, you can trust John Frederick when it comes to providing high-quality sofa and furniture cleaning, helping you achieve the look that your home deserves. Whether in our factory or at your home, we utilise our expertise and knowledge to ensure that you receive only the very best service.

If you’re based in the Greater London area, why don’t you give one of our friendly team a call to learn more about our services?

John Frederick is based in Hendon, but provides cleaning services throughout the Greater London area, including Ascot, Weybridge & Bushey.

John Frederick’s are expert carpet, upholstery, curtain & blind cleaners. They also supply a wide range of curtains & blinds and carpet & flooring options to customers throughout London.

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