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Rug and Carpet Trends for 2024

Are you looking to redecorate your house, or simply freshen it up?  Here are some of the top rug and carpet trends of 2023 to inspire you and make sure your house guests are impressed.

Bright and colourful

The bold, colourful look has become popular this year. This trend is useful for updating spaces that have become stagnant and dated; just adding a splash of colour will liven up the room.

Playful, multicoloured rugs are part of this trend, and are helpful for interior designers as they don’t have to limit their colour scheme.

Some of the carpets in the market have up to 15 shades of different colours, meaning the options are boundless. You could go for a retro style with brown, gold and orange, or more modern with yellow, blue, and green.

bright and colourful rug



Geometric patterns on your carpet are always an eye-catching statement piece.

They are a brilliant alternative to traditional solid colours or floral patterns.

Usually the safe way to go is a darker rug with a light coloured geometric pattern on top, however pastel and colourful ones are also gaining traction.

A new style called ‘carpet tiles’ is emerging as well, which means you can mix and match as you please. This would be perfect for creating a striking geometric pattern.

geometric rug

Large rugs

Larger rugs are coming into fashion as people start to look for rugs that fit their whole space, and not just under the coffee table.

Similar to this is a trend of people layering several rugs together to create one large one.

This method has a slightly more intense effect, but also encourages creativity.

You could pair soft sheepskins with a big, woven rug which covers most of the room.

Large rugs are ideal for the living room, and make any room sumptuous and inviting.

Be careful not to take up the entire floor with the rug, and make sure it looks well thought-out and balanced.

large rug


The entrance to your home is especially important because it is the first impression you are giving to guests, and the perfect way for you to express your personal style in this room is through a statement carpet or rug.

Traditionally, customers used dark rugs for entryways to hide dirt, but the new trend is to branch out into lighter colours, or bright, bold pieces.

Also avoid choosing the normal, commercial carpet just because it is durable, and buy the one that will stand out and make your entryway a preview of what is ahead.  

entryway rug


Both natural materials and earthy tones are becoming popular in rugs and carpet.

Customers are choosing carpets which are eco-friendly, sustainable and biodegradable.

Carpets and rugs can come in earthy colours such as green, brown, deep blue and terracotta orange, and they complement everything, which means they are easy to decorate with.

Choosing a rug made of natural fibres is a nice addition to many different colour scheme.

Some popular materials you could opt for are cotton, sisal, jute, undyed wool and linen.

trendy rug

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If you are feeling inspired by these trends and wish to invest in some new carpet or rugs for your home, John Frederick are the right choice.

We are a prestigious carpet supplier, and have been helping to transform homes for over 85 years. You can rely on our dedicated and professional team to recognise your needs and tastes and bring you high-quality products. Contact us today.


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