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Are Curtains Recyclable?

Curtains can be found in almost every home across the country.

They provide a comforting, insulative layer in our living rooms and bedrooms, as well as tying together the interior design themes put in place. 

Curtain cleaning is a great way to keep your curtains in top condition and give them an extra lease of life. But what if you’re thinking of freshening up your home with a new style or colour scheme?

Are old curtains recyclable?

We’re all more conscious of the way our waste can impact the planet these days, and no one wants to think of their curtains ending up in landfill, so it’s a question being asked more and more often.

This month, at John Frederick Ltd, we’ll walk you through the answer to this question and more.

colourful selection of recycling bins

Alternatives to recycling your curtains

Firstly, let’s address some of the reasons you might be looking to recycle your curtains and see if there are options to help you rescue what you’ve already got.

That’s always the first step in recycling: seeing if you can reuse or upcycle something. So here are a few options available to you:

  • Curtain Cleaning – With this service, you might find your curtains are transformed, rolling back the years to when you first got them, reminding you why they caught your eye in the first place. This can save you having to throw them away entirely.
  • Curtain re-lining or repairs – If your curtains have become damaged over the years through natural wear and tear but they still tie the room together beautifully, why not consider repairs or relining to bring them back to life?
  • Curtain alterations – Maybe you’ve moved home and still want to keep your curtains, or perhaps you’re moving them to a different room. Curtain alterations can save you from buying new curtains and give the curtains you love so much a second chance.
  • Give them a new home – Do you know someone who could make good use of your curtains? Perhaps ask if any local charity shops would be happy to take them before finally giving them the axe.

Can I recycle my curtains?

If you’ve explored all of the above options but still need to dispose of your curtains, it’s time to look at recycling them.

The answer is that yes, curtains are recyclable, and luckily, there should be plenty of options in the UK for recycling textiles such as curtains. 

Check whether your local council offers a collection for textiles, this can be a convenient way of getting rid of old curtains to be recycled.

It might be that they recycle textiles via a local authority site, with a dedicated container you can simply toss your curtains into. Be sure to check online with your local council to find the right location to recycle your textiles.

Alternatively, textile banks or clothing banks are an easy way to make sure your curtains will either be repurposed for the raw materials or donated to charity.

Clothing and textile banks are dotted across most towns, sometimes found in supermarkets, car parks or in strategic positions within cities.

Check that the bank you’re dropping them into takes the materials you’re looking to get rid of beforehand; it will often say what they take on the “bank” or “bin” itself.

If you’re not ready to give up on your beloved curtains – whether they just need cleaning or alterations – look no further than John Frederick Ltd, where we take extra care to revive your curtains and give them a new lease of life.

You can book for curtain cleaning, curtain alterations or curtain repairs in London by contacting our specialist team today. We’ll happily discuss your requirements and can offer a free quote.

John Frederick is based in Hendon, but provides cleaning services throughout the Greater London area, including Stanmore, Pinner & St John’s Wood. John Frederick’s are expert carpet, upholstery, curtain & blind cleaners. They also supply a wide range of curtains & blinds and carpet & flooring options to customers throughout London.

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