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Interior Design Trends for 2021

2020 has been a strange year for everyone but, with everyone spending more time at home, interior design and the way people decorate have never been more at the forefront of our minds. We wanted to take a look at some of the most popular interior design trends for 2021 to help you choose your next stylish item – be it an item of furniture or a new set of curtains – so that if you’re spending time at home, you’ve got plenty of inspiration to draw from.

Here are five notable trends from 2021 which we think will remain popular as we move into 2021.


We’re all doing more to change the way we live our lives to help the environment, and in 2020 that extended even further with our furniture and furnishings. More and more people have taken to repairing and restoring old furniture and textile items – sometimes referred to as upcycling – to put less stress on natural resources.

Whether it’s deconstructing old furniture to build something new like a coffee table or seeking professional restoration of older rugs and curtains, it’s helping to preserve the items we love for many more years to come. Foxed mirrors have also become popular, pairing nicely with some of the elements within the final trend on this list.


Perhaps a more autumnal colour in the clothing fashion world, mustard yellow has been popping up in homes either for use as a feature wall or simply in the colour of textiles dotted around. A statement piece, like a chair or curtains, when paired with whites, creams and browns can be the little slice of uplift and energy needed – all without being too garish or bright for modern tastes. It complements multiple styles too, whether it’s incorporated into a globally inspired bedroom or an art deco living room.

Deeper Textiles

While never truly out of the limelight, heavy wools, mohair and deeper piles for rugs, curtains and other textile furnishings have been a notable trend this year. It’s understandable since we’re spending more time indoors and want to feel something more comforting and warm. It can add a layer of depth to a room and is more exciting to the touch than many plain materials.


This interior design trend owes some of its style to the first entry on this list: upcycling. Grandmillennial style takes what may have been previously outdated or unfashionable and pairs it with modern homes for a new lease of life. From inherited furniture and traditional patterns to the tassels and needle-worked textiles, this style offers a sense of home comforts and evokes memories of days spent with grandparents. 

Global Inspiration

In an effort to vary up our homes, we’ve looked across the globe for inspiration when it comes to interior design. From Moroccan bathrooms with chunky sinks and terracotta tiles to French antiquity in the living room via foxed mirrors (as we mentioned in our sustainability section above), browns, blues and creams. Indian-inspired living rooms also featured in this year’s trends, allowing us to indulge in patterned and oversized rugs and cushions, leaning more towards vintage to add character to a home.


If you’re reimagining the interior design in your home, but want to give curtains and rugs a new lease of life, or if you’re taking in vintage rugs to liven up your home, look no further than John Frederick for restoration, repair and cleaning services. Our specialist skills and equipment even allow us to provide re-fringing to restore worn or damaged items.

Book an appointment or find out more about how we can help with your items by contacting our friendly team today.


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