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The Best Carpets for Pets [Infographic]

Everyone who owns a pet knows how easily they make their way into your heart. You treat them as one of the family, so its more than likely you allow them to lounge around your home. Unfortunately, their dirty paws and sharp nails will cause wear and damage to your carpets – but not to worry! There is a selection of carpets to choose from that will be resistant to this kind of wear, allowing your carpets to last longer and your pets to roam freely! Carpets are difficult enough to clean without a pet rolling all over them, but some…

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Why Does My Carpet Smell?

The problem with a bad smell coming from your carpet is that it’s not always simple to identify the source. It could smell for any number of reasons, which makes trying to figure out the next course of action rather difficult. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the most common causes of a smelly carpet, so you’re armed with the knowledge the next time you need to do a bit of detective work.   It needs a clean Probably the most common reason why carpets smell in most households – especially those with children in – is…

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What are the Most Popular Styles of Carpet?

  When trying decide between different carpet styles for your home, it’s not always easy, especially given the fact that it’s often difficult to tell the various styles apart. However, once you become more familiar with these styles, it will be much easier to decide which styles of carpet you like, and which would best suit the specific requirements of your home. So, in this article, the carpet experts here at John Frederick are going to looking at 3 popular styles in greater detail, helping you decide what’s right for you.   Saxony carpet Arguably the most popular style of carpet…

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