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Residential carpet supply in London

At John Frederick Ltd, we supply customers in the regions of London and Hendon with high quality residential carpets for their properties.

Our 85 years of experience in the industry mean we are experts when it comes to helping choose the right carpet to suit your needs.

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Carpeting is extremely important to create the right look and feel to a residential property, and with one of our designs you can be sure to get just what you want. Whether you own a modern or period property, our team will supply you with the right residential carpet to suit you.

For more information, or to order one of our carpets for your residential property, contact the team at John Frederick Ltd today and let us get your carpeting project underway.

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Curtain Cleaning Services in London

Choosing curtain cleaners you can trust needn’t be a chore, with John Frederick Ltd you’ll find our range of curtain cleaning services fully caters for your every need in both a domestic and commercial environment. Read more.

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