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About John Frederick Ltd

John Frederick Ltd was established in 1928 and has since built a portfolio envied across the industry.

The company is family run to ensure quality across the board from first contact to return business, in its third generation, John Frederick Ltd boasts the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother as a previous client for over 40 years.

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All fabrics and materials deserve the attention and care which John Frederick Ltd provides, whether you need your sofa reinvigorating or your carpets deep cleaned to impress visitors, you will see the power of the results attained by our professional team. Highly trained and with 85 years of experience, there are few companies who rival or match the quality and dedication of John Frederick Ltd. You can get all you ever wanted out of your furnishings and upholstery, be it the prolonging of their life or general upkeep.

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If you’d like to see more about our work then take a look at these case studies which illuminate the fantastic heights which our team have previously attained. Read more »

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